Thursday, July 26, 2018

Pet Shaming

I'm not sure when the pet shaming fad started, but my Facebook feed was teeming with these posts in early 2018, and when Stacey announced the pets-only scene class for Lake District, I knew what I had to do. Out of the dozens of posts I saved, I managed to narrow it down to ten per animal group, then thin it down still further to no more than five each for the final group.

Some of the props were from my prop box - hand-made items or Playmobil bits - but others, like the roadkill were specially made for this setup. All the pet shames are real, though some have been edited slightly for length. Each "post" is in an Facebook post frame.
Mom's boyfriend just moved in. I threw up on his laptop.

I try to pass off 3-day old, flattened roadkill as my own.

I hit a guide dog puppy.

I'm the reason we can't have houseplants.

I peed on the hamster.

I put a half-dead mouse in my mom's mouth because she didn't wake up to look at it.

I jump on people's plates and steal their spaghetti.

I eat my own eggs

I yanked out my mom's nose ring.

I stole an apple out of a little girl's hand and made her cry.

I've eaten so many Legos I could poop a Star Wars ship.

I ate a bottle of glitter and now my poop sparkles.

I only chew up the left shoes.

I ate the neighbour kid's Happy Meal

I chewed up The Chamber of Secrets and have been banished to Slytherin.

I learned the name of the Amazon Echo and placed an order without asking permission
I'm a serial killer - I throw the canary's eggs out of the nest
You no longer have a toothbrush. You're welcome.

I trap my brother in the pouch so I can get to the food first.

I pooped in the food bowl
I ate it anyway.

I found some paper money just laying around in your book bag, so I ate it

I broke into the treat container. I regret nothing.

I ignored the £2 extension cable & went for the £80 computer cable instead

My two Tamatoas insisted on being featured here, since little Tam was hanging out in the prop box with the pet shaming pieces.

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