Friday, September 21, 2018

Julip Live Spares by Proxy

I've wanted to attend Julip Live since I started collecting Julips, but have yet to manage to make the trek down south. I thought this might be my year until my cousin set the date for her wedding; it was too close to show time and the trip to Texas was too expensive to allow another holiday. Maybe I'll make it down next year.

In 2016 Miss Stacey agreed to be my Spares Frenzy proxy and a few days after the show a parcel arrived with the pinto Connemara, Pandemonium By Proxy, and a few friends.

This year, I thought I'd ask if she'd oblige me again; Stacey has excellent taste in latex. She very kindly agreed to do what she could and asked if I had any requests. I said anything interesting would do, but that I wouldn't mind a donkey or mule if there was one going.

On Saturday morning, shortly after the start of the show, Stacey messaged me, competition had been extremely stiff, but she had managed to acquire an equine and a pet. She asked if I wanted pictures, but I preferred to wait and be surprised, like last time. On Monday, Miss Laura offered up the unsold show spares online and I managed to snap up an interesting little trio.

Stacey's show parcel arrived first, on Wednesday, and what a parcel it was!

I've yet to find just the right name for my gloriously spotty mule, but the duck is called Katie Ka-Boom. All of my ducks get named after cartoon characters. Miss Laura recently resculpted the muzzle on the the Mule mold to give it a more roman profile and I just love the change. My mule has also had some light feathering added.

There was some joking about spotty mule waiting outside the pub, so I had to snap a quick picture of closing time.

*Edit* Five months down the line, my mule finally has a name! Black Mountain Woraug's Wizard.

The next day, my parcel of leftovers arrived. I was lucky enough to be looking at the Julip Facebook page just as Miss Laura was posting, so I was able to snap up a super adorable dalmatian on the Walking Hound mold and two fancy birds.

The dog, Chungo is our new pub dog, here he is greeting pub cat, Waouw.

Chungo has the most adorable teeth and is just delightfully gormy.

This is the first time I've seen the chicken with the flappy wings alteration and I love it! The hen is Mrs. Timuitque (Fluttered), and the dove is Kaiya - most of my fancy doves are named after characters from the movie Willow.

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