Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Lake District Live 2022 - Post Show Shenanigans, Saturday & Sunday

Since we had take-away at the show instead of the usual restaurant dinner, we ended up breaking up much earlier than usual. After we took our ponies back to the room we decided to go exploring a bit. Since I really wanted to find a place to dip my feet, we drove up the river a little ways and found a place to park at a mill museum (closed) and pathhead. After looking over the museum grounds, we followed the path over a hill-side pasture and down to the river where I had a bit of a splash before we headed back up the hill and on to the hotel.

Sunny trying on my new charity shop "pearls"

On Sunday morning I got up early to load the car and fill up the tank. I put EG's plant on the roof while I unlocked the doors. I then loaded the car, drove to the gas station and back, and was just locking up when I realized I had forgotten to pick up the plant! Luckily the damp pot stuck to the wet roof!

Since the girls weren't quite ready to go, I took a quick walk to snag a few last pictures.

On the way home, we stopped off in Carlisle for a car boot sale. I came away with a hand-full of goodies, including some fun horse brasses for my collection. There was a pretty little vintage car in the car park.

Since we can never get enough of other people's junk, we hit a flea-market in Glasgow before we dropped off EG. It didn't come home with us, but does this pair of metal ponies look familiar to anyone?

I did make a few purchases at the flea-market, including this pre-1934 Triang No. 62 doll house. Like most of my dollhouses, it's going to need some work.

After driving a few hundred miles, I unloaded the car just enough to get my ponies out of the heat, and then went over to my mother's to relax in the shade with a cool drink while waiting for the boys to get home from the Glamis Vintage Show.

My little haul from the boot sale, flea-market, and EG's room.

I've mostly recovered from the weekend, though I don't get much of a break as we have another vintage show this weekend!

Lake District Live 2022 - Saturday II

My customized New Forest I, Wake Robin Texel, did very well at his first show, taking champion in the Fun Division and Reserve Supreme Champion.

I was also very lucky with the raffle, winning all but one of the items I put in for, including this sweet little Julip cat donated by Laura of Julip.

We ended the day with having dinner delivered to the hall by a local chippy. It was an absolutely wonderful day. Stacey and her family always put on a thoroughly enjoyable event and we're all looking forward to the next one.