Friday, September 21, 2018

Julip Live Online Photo Show 2018

Each year Miss Laura hosts an online photo show in the J-Club forum for those of us who can't attend the live show. There are five divisions - Scenes & Performance, Molds, Colours, Stable Pets, and Fun - with placings up to third for each division. I did surprisingly well this year with a second in Scenes & Performance, first in Colour, and first in Pets!

My ribbons arrived on Thursday with my left-over spares purchases. We're very proud of our critters and pub.

Julip Live Spares by Proxy

I've wanted to attend Julip Live since I started collecting Julips, but have yet to manage to make the trek down south. I thought this might be my year until my cousin set the date for her wedding; it was too close to show time and the trip to Texas was too expensive to allow another holiday. Maybe I'll make it down next year.

In 2016 Miss Stacey agreed to be my Spares Frenzy proxy and a few days after the show a parcel arrived with the pinto Connemara, Pandemonium By Proxy, and a few friends.