Monday, July 16, 2018

J-Club Pen Pal Exchange 2018

This year on the J-Club Forum, a Pen Pal Exchange was arranged. Each participant received a Pen Pal from the organizer through private message - the pairings could be kept secret or not - with the person's answers to a questionnaire we had all filled out and their address. The idea was to have the people from our model stables write to each other. We were to send a full-sized letter with a 1/12th scale copy, and any other little bits and pieces we thought of.

My Pen Pal parcel arrived this past Saturday, but we were so ragged out from the Kirrie show, that I didn't have the energy to open it, much less take pictures, until the next day. The Kirrie show is our town's agricultural fair and each year we take a mess of stationary engines and tractors....oh and the threshing mill, can't forget my favourite toy. This is my husband's hobby, so the grunt work falls on him, but it's still a long day out in the wind and, this year, sun - it's often rain. The best part for me is driving our tractors to their home barn several miles away through the countryside. There's nothing like driving an old tractor with a top speed of 12mph - the wind in your hair, the bugs in your teeth. Seriously, it's bliss.

Aaaaaanyway... the Pen Pal exchange. This is Pearl Vagner's box, so I'll let her show off the contents.

A huge thank you to Jade and Katie from Pearl and myself for our incredibly thoughtful Pen Pal parcel! I've worn the bracelet already and all the treats have been devoured by Pearl's favourite ponies. I'll need to get the sewing machine out now and get some blankets made from all the lovely fabric!

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