Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Lake District Live 2019 - The Aftermath

The only thing I bought during our Saturday rummage of the junk shops was a prettily embroidered hankerchief to turn into a bedspread for the brass bed in the Magpie's Nest, but I found a ton of excellent little bits at the carboot on Sunday.

Lake District Live 2019 - The Show

Since it's around a five hour trip for me, I prefer to arrive the day before and leave the day after the show instead of driving down at oh-god o'clock for the 9am opening time and driving home in the middle of the night after the dinner.

It was a surprisingly uneventful drive down, and we didn't get lost once which was a minor miracle.

We usually try to time things to arrive later in the afternoon so we can check in directly and put our things in the room, out of the hot car, and then have a bit of a walk around. Most of my pictures of the area are in the Travels with Rok posts.

Lake District Live 2019 - The Preparation

Lake District Live is the only show I usually manage to attend as most of the other shows are down below Birmingham, and that's just a bit too far for my elderly vehicle. As it is, we usually have to weld something back on after the Lake District run.

The class list is generally announced around February, which sounds like loads of time to prepare, but when you're trying to keep a household running, as well as a business with a time-intensive product, time slips away from you pretty quickly.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Travels With Farfrae Ragnarök Aftershock - Monday

Since neither of us had anywhere we really needed to be on Monday, we made a tour of some of the charity shops we had missed on Saturday after we loaded up Spot. We left town around 12:30 and made it back to Glasgow around 4:30. Right as we pulled into Eg's neighbourhood, Spot's exhaust burst (this happens frequently), so I had a very long, slow, and extremely loud drive home. It was nearly eight by the time I roared into my driveway.

Travels With Farfrae Ragnarök Aftershock - Sunday

The show as usual, was wonderful. Stacey and her family have it down to an art and are lovely and friendly and make everyone the most delightful goodie bags. It's a small crowd, but we have such fun together.

Travels With Farfrae Ragnarök Aftershock - Saturday

It's that time of year again, time for the one show far enough north for me to easily reach. It's only about five hours away, but I like to have company when I travel, so I usually pick up a couple of friends on the way. This year Magda was away for her sister's wedding, so I only had to swing through Glasgow for EG before heading south. This year I remembered to keep out a travel pony with which to amuse myself.

Getting ready to leave Kirriemuir for Glasgow, a drive which usually takes around two hours.