Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Travels With Farfrae Ragnarök Aftershock - Saturday

It's that time of year again, time for the one show far enough north for me to easily reach. It's only about five hours away, but I like to have company when I travel, so I usually pick up a couple of friends on the way. This year Magda was away for her sister's wedding, so I only had to swing through Glasgow for EG before heading south. This year I remembered to keep out a travel pony with which to amuse myself.

Getting ready to leave Kirriemuir for Glasgow, a drive which usually takes around two hours.

Enjoying the view and a little lunch about half-way between Glasgow and Morecambe.

We hit a couple of interesting charity shops before heading to the beach.

Unlike last year, which was miserably hot, the weather this year was perfect. Just warm enough to enjoy splashing in the water with a good breeze to keep the sun from feeling too hot.

We had a great time splashing in the ripples and combing the beach for tiny shells, beach glass, ceramic bits, and interesting rocks.

When we reached the end of our particular patch of beach we headed up the seawall, past the old pool to some more charity and junk shops.

After enjoying the last shop, which had an excellent selection of taxidermy and weirdness, we decided to find last year's restaurant for dinner.

We walked up and down the strand a few times before giving up and asking a local to point us to the pub with the pretty tile. On the way we passed this most excellent window display of a used book store. The owner was quite amused by my travel pony and asked me to send them the picture I had taken.

The food at the pub with the pretty tile was just as tasty and reasonably priced as last year. After a hearty meal and a few pictures, we wandered back out to the seawall.

After more pictures and beachcombing, we made it back to the B&B for a nice shower and a refreshing sleep.

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