Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Lake District Live 2019 - The Show

Since it's around a five hour trip for me, I prefer to arrive the day before and leave the day after the show instead of driving down at oh-god o'clock for the 9am opening time and driving home in the middle of the night after the dinner.

It was a surprisingly uneventful drive down, and we didn't get lost once which was a minor miracle.

We usually try to time things to arrive later in the afternoon so we can check in directly and put our things in the room, out of the hot car, and then have a bit of a walk around. Most of my pictures of the area are in the Travels with Rok posts.

We had a lovely walk and a paddle in the sea before heading off for dinner. Last year we had gone to a nice pub that had an interesting menu, good prices, and lovely decor. We wanted to go there again but couldn't for the life of us remember the name of the place, just the general layout and that it had beautiful tile. We walked up and down the strand a couple of times, never seeing the right place. We finally asked the folk at the junk shop if they could point us to the place with the pretty tile. Turns out it was The Royal Hotel and we had passed it twice without even looking at it!

We had another excellent meal there and enjoyed a leisurely walk back to the room where we put our feet up after a long day. We had some minor drama when I realized at this point that I had left my work box of dollhouse shop packages I had brought to work on on Spot's roof. We arrived around 2:30 and it was now around 7:30! I ran downstairs with EG right behind me for moral support. Unbelievably, my box was still there on the roof, right where I had left it! This is what happens when we don't get lost.

The next morning we both woke up around 5am and were dressed and ready by 6. The show hall didn't open until 9, but I suggested that since we were both ready, we should go ahead and head out as we still had breakfast and lunch to buy and could then get to the hall early and have a walk around the shore there.

We stopped off at a little Tesco as nothing else was open at that time and secured a bun for breakfast and some sandwiches for our lunch and then headed for Storth about 30 minutes away. When we were less than ten minutes away we passed a juicy looking carboot sale. We regretfully kept going for a few seconds until I looked at the clock. It was 7:45, if we focused and moved quickly we would have plenty of time!

We had a lovely rummage and came away with our purses loaded with goodies for our various projects and were the first to arrive at the show after Stacey and her family.

I didn't take many pictures at the show as I was rushing around most of the time until lunch, though I did get pictures of most of the scenes.

Laura's Myth of the Creation of a Julip was the hands down favourite of the day and ended up taking overall champion.

The card for my Kelpie entry in the Myths and Legends class read:
Be leery my child of the fair pony alone down by the waterside, for by chance this bonnie beastie is not what he seems; this uncanny pony of magical beauty is the lure & the snare of the Kelpie.

One touch upon the fair hide and stuck to its body you be. With a flash of the hooves and a crack of the tail like that of the thunder, off will it run, back to its watery lair. Down, down it will take you into the depths, where, with your screams bubbling forth, devoured by the Kelpie you will be.

Your father may wail, and your mother may weep, but no trace shall ever be found of the unwary child caught by the Kelpie and dragged to a watery grave.

These were the entries for the Ponies at Play class. Somehow I ended up with a first in this class which was an absolute shock. Looking back, I see that I forgot to put out a few items. I think they're probably in the cabinet part of the shelf. Ooops!

The 3-day Eventing class had some excellent entries. The hay wagon jump took reserve in the scene division.

The pet scene class had a good number of entries, only some of which are shown here - the rest are in my Travels with Rok post.

And the Chicken version of The Night Before Christmas:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the coop,
Not a chicken was stirring, not even to poop.
The feed sacks were hung by the perch with great care,
In the hopes that Santa Paws soon would be there.
The chookies were nestled all snug in their nests,
While visions of meal-worms danced ‘neath their crests…

And I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight -
“Meow brraow ouw, meow mew mew meep!”

A pair of extremely vintage Julips attended the show this year. These two are representatives of some of the earliest Julips from the mid to late 1940s.

After a delightful day we scampered off to the restaurant and talked for hours during and after our delicious meal. Like last year we stayed so long they ended up kicking us out.

On Monday EG and I packed up the car and had a last wander around town before heading home. Spot did really well until we pulled into EG's neighbourhood when he suddenly burst his exhaust (this happens a lot). So it was a 55 mph drive back to Kirrie, which added an extra hour and a lot of anxiety to the ride, but it could have been worse 😄

This is what I had to listen to for three hours. The Po followed me around the outskirts of Perth, but fortunately they had better things to do than concern themselves with my noise.

This year LDL won't be my only show. I'll be seeing everyone soon down at Laura's Julip Live which I've been trying to get to for the past four years.

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