Sunday, April 14, 2019

Travels with Farfrae Kadhaba Alfarawila: The Texas Trip, Part 7 - Wandering Around

We spent a lot of this trip visiting my old homes and haunts. We live in the house my husband grew up in, in his home town, surrounded by his family's history, so I wanted to share my family history with my son.

We used to hang out at this accessibility park a lot growing up, especially in high school. The rambling wooden structure has been replaced by an even larger metal and plastic one. We stopped by Taco Bueno on the way here and had our lunch in the big gazebo. My son didn't want to play very long here as the heat and humidity got to him quickly.

There might be a picture of me rocking out on this five minutes later

This seems an unlikely tree

In Texas it's too hot to hang around outside much, so when we weren't watching videos in someone's room, we were mall ratting around at Hulen Mall.

The fountains have gone dry

This looks a lot nicer than I remember

Most of our accessories came from Goth in the Box

We hit just about every Tractor Supply Co. within a 50 mile radius looking for the Breyer Stablemate mystery bags.

Silvercreek Ranch is where I grew up riding. It's under new management and looking pretty good. This is the polo arena which used to have peeling white wooden sides. I had my leg cut open by a runaway horse right beyond Fara's ears.

We took our son on the Forest Park train the last time we were in Texas when he was a year old, so of course we had to go again now that he was old enough to remember. This little thing is older than me.

My husband thought the seats were moldy, but I had to explain that they were perfectly clean, it was just that the varnish had blistered in the sun.

This is the first library I remember going to, across the freeway from our first house. I remember every summer my mom would check out the Watership Down movie, not realizing it scared the bejeebus out of me. I think this might explain my early love of the horror genre.

The high school across the street from our airbnb.

Our area in Scotland has been doing a painted rock treasure hunt, so we brought one of ours over with us to hide in Texas.

Everything is edible... once

Yep, it's a football field

I spent countless hours playing in the creek behind our second house. It was a limestone creek so the course was always changing with heavy storms and there were great clay deposits which I would use to make play dishes and sculptures.

The water level could range from shoulder deep to bone dry, depending on the season and severity of the weather. Ankle to calf was its usual depth when unprovoked. While most of the area is much woodier than I left it, the creek has been stripped of all but a couple of its trees.

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