Sunday, April 07, 2019

Travels with Farfrae Kadhaba Alfarawila: The Texas Trip, Part 1 - Flying Out

This past October one of my cousins got married back in my home town of Fort Worth, Texas. Fortunately her wedding fell within the Tattie Holiday dates, so we were all able to go out for two weeks. I like to bring a pony with me on holiday for fun photos as I hate taking pictures of myself, this time it was Farfrae Kadhaba Alfarawila's (Fara) turn.

 My mother had already gone out a couple of weeks before, and my daddy was flying out of Edinburgh a few hours later (yeah, I don't know why he didn't fly out of Aberdeen with us, either), so it was just the three of us hanging out in the airport in Aberdeen. Well, five if you count Fara and my son's Cabbage Patch doll, Benjamin. 😄


Coming in over London, heading for Heathrow for a few hours

My favourite part of international travel is the sushi. My spot in Heathrow is right by the Itsu in Terminal 5. It's near the elevators for the airport train, close to the toilets, and has big, deep chairs with a clear view of the monitors. I can eat sushi, and most anything else, any time of day, so I wasn't going to flinch from cold fish at 10am.

Breakfast of champions

There was a bit of drama getting onto the plane as I got separated from my family for a random security search, which caused a bit of panic with my husband and 5 yr old son. The guard who searched my bag was amused by Fara in his travel pouch and my excessive quantity of electronic devices (we were planning on keeping my son in a screen time coma for as much of the flight as possible).

Foldies for Magpie

Are we there yet??

This looks... mostly edible

Land at last!
The flight to the States is always miserable. Since you're chasing the day, it seems endless.

How are we not there yet?

Look, a river!

This looks awfully green for Texas

Texas at last!
And then we landed and there was chaos. We eventually collected my father, found the car-seat we had forgotten in baggage claim, and caught a taxi to my cousin's airbnb, where we were greeted with mass quantities of Chicken Express chicken tenders, cream gravy, fried okra, hot rolls, and a couple of gallons of iced tea. Bliss.

Part 2

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