Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Travels with Farfrae Kadhaba Alfarawila: The Texas Trip, Part 15 - Flying Home I

The flight home was fairly uneventful and as usual, seemed much faster. The DFW airport looks nothing like I remember and is actually a pretty nice place in which to pass the time.

My son's baby, Benjamin James. He wanted to bring Amelia Jane, too, but I told him we could only look after one child, and besides, Amelia came from Texas and Benjamin had never been. I missed a trick this time by not making Benjamin a passport as every security person we met offered to stamp it if he had one. Kadhaba only got confused looks.

One of my parents' oldest friends is an old cowboy type and at a party he took a liking to my husband and insisted on giving him his hat. It was invaluable in keeping the Texas sun off my pasty white head and shoulders. Now it's my tractor driving hat.

"Hmm, these taste a bit metallic"

"I'm not sure if I'll manage to eat the whole thing"

This walk-through installation was a great way to entertain the child
It's always important to know where the tornado shelter is

Haha! Look at us run over you
little freeway cars!

I only crave tomato juice when I fly

Part 16

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