Monday, June 10, 2019

Havillands Julip Photo Scavenger Hunt - 2019

1. A Julip wearing a hat of some description
2. A Julip stomping on a model car Godzilla style
3. A head study of a Julip horse framed in some way
4. An interpretation of a famous film poster/ scene movie
5. A photo of a Julip equine tacked up and ready to go out for a ride
6. A picture that would fulfill the caption “When Pets Attack”
7. A Julip holding something in its mouth
8. Riders behaving badly
9. Julip tack on an unlikely victim/object
10. A photo of as many members of your Julip collection you can get in one photo

1. Freda under a hat, on a hat

2. When Le Fauve Valentino noticed the angry car parents, he started to regret his decision to squash the carlets

3. Balkeerie Queen Mab

4. Wacky shenanigans ensue when the foals encounter the crazy scientist next door's shrink ray

5. Pennyroyal and Pauline go for a ride

6. Human, you are not welcome in Lillipet unless you come bearing treats and intend to play fetch until the end of time.
(No children or pets were harmed in the making of this picture. The small human thought it was hysterical and was happy watching cartoons the whole time, unless distracted by the tickly yarn. He was delighted to have his silly picture shared here.)

7. Whatcha got there, Harlequin?

8. The guys stagger home after a wild night at the pub

9. Zombie Gnome says "Taaaaaaaarck"

10. The Originals Herd

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