Saturday, June 01, 2019

ASIS's Early Summer Photo Show - 2019

1. Ponies and Donkeys

Class 1. Attwood Crake

Class 1. Farfrae Pom Poko

Class 1. Blackmire Druid

2. Light to Medium Horses

Class 2. Farfrae Reothart Dubhadh Gréine

Class 2. Pucklechurch Spirited Away

Class 2. Farfrae Le Fauve Valentino

3. Cobs and Heavy Horses

Class 3. Pucklechurch Bayard Enchanté

Class 3. Southern Gothic Métairie

Class 3. Haltwhistle Charivari

4. Best Pet or Other Animal

Class 4. Farfrae Chess

Class 4. Farfrae Char Siu Bao

Class 4. Farfrae Shandy

5. Best Custom

Class 5. Farfrae Coraline - Clydesdale Foal with traditional rough show coat

6. Best Stable, Stableyard Building, Yard or Riding Scene

Class 6. Cinco de Mayo Circus Parade

Class 6. Christmas Cookies

Class 6. Coon Jumping with Black Mountain Koshari Katsina

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