Friday, January 31, 2020

Fancy Foxes

In 2017, I became aware of how many colours the American Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes Fulvus) could come in, so naturally I needed a whole pack of fancy foxes. I got my colour examples from this website.

Farfrae Wiz
Radium, also called Irradium, or Eberland white

Farfrae Dizzy

Farfrae Trifle

Farfrae Glib
Platinum Cross

Farfrae Snap
Red pearl fire

Farfrae Toy
Autumn Fire

Farfrae Minx
Amber pearl

Farfrae Pixie

Farfrae Fickle
Red Georgian White

Farfrae Swift
Fire Cross

Farfrae Lithe

Farfrae Velocious
Standard Silver

Farfrae Subtle
Collicot Brown

Farfrae Whimsy
Bollert's Brown

Farfrae Swank
Cross Marble

Farfrae Presto
Pearl Gold

Farfrae Sketchy
Brown Snowglow

Farfrae Hasty
Pearl Snowglow

Farfrae Imp

Farfrae Haughty
Gold Cross

Farfrae Charlatan

Farfrae Wink
Silver white mark

Farfrae Clandestine
Pink Cross

Farfrae Crafty
Dawn Glow

Farfrae Wanton
Silver Georgian White

Farfrae Courtesan
Platinum Marble

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