Thursday, February 28, 2019

Horse Molds: Connemara

Farfrae Maharib Alfayruz
Fayruz was an eBay win. The pictures were taken at odd angles, so I originally thought he was an Arab Stallion and had decided on an Arabic name for him. When he arrived I realized he was a very nice example of an early Connemara from 1983, but the name,which means "Turquoise Warrior", stuck.

Horse Molds: Cob Stallion

Southern Gothic Boudin
Bou is another non-dun fjord from the Fjord Horde order.

Horse Molds: Cob Mare

Southern Gothic Praline
It took me almost a month to buy Praline. She is a spare from 2015 which was offered for sale on FB. I messaged the seller, but the model had already been put on hold for someone else. That person later had to back out of the sale, so the seller contacted me to see if I still wanted her. Praline is our bay dun member of the Fjord Horde.

Horse Molds: Child's Jumping Pony

Pucklechurch Spirited Away

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Horse Molds: Arab Stallion

Farfrae Ramy Alnurud
Ramy's name means "Roll the Dice" in Arabic, at least according to Google Translate. I won him in the Model Horse Dip FB group, which is a raffle method of selling models. I did rather stack the odds by buying half the tickets. Ramy is my first Arab Stallion and is the catalogue model Bantry Bay. He came to me with nylon hair which I replaced with mohair.

Horse Molds: Arab Mare

Farfrae Ave Britannia

Horse Molds: Arab Champion

Farfrae Love is a Rose

I first saw the black splash Arab Champion in the Arabian Mold class and adored her colour and pattern; she's one of the few models I took pictures of. I was surprised her on the sales table during the lunch break, but talked myself into waiting until after I had seen the show spares. Though I ended up spending my budget on the new spares, her owner very kindly offered to put the mare and another model I liked on hold for me.

Horse Molds: American Quarter Horse

Farfrae Black Friday